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Online shopping revolution? From clicking "Buy" to your door in 30 minutes - via flying robot drone

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err, will there be air traffic control involved?

I can see the headlines now, Amazon said that the group hit by a delivery drone were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Safety has always been important, but you can't expect commerce to shut down just because a few people get treated as if they are a target. :sneaky:

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It's not just maliciousness that makes me wonder how they're going to overcome all of the hurdles I can immediately see in this plan.

What about trees, power lines, fences, weather, stopping people from stealing your package - this is like an advertisement to the whole neighbourhood after all, "Look! Cool stuff to steal at Gee's place!!" I could go on. I suppose all of these are solvable problems, but I can't help wondering how feasible this really is.

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Very well-said, Cole. Not enough people are asking: "well, wait a minute -- won't these unmanned drones put delivery drivers out of work?"

And I can think of quite a few neighborhoods in LA where those drone copters wouldn't last five minutes if they got anywhere near somebody's front porch.

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