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N o e l by Cole Parker


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I read Cole's story and got such pleasure from it that I felt a need to say so. I saw that Hoskins had written a comment and wondered what he had said. Here I realised that not only had I felt simple pleasure but that both Lugnutz and Hoskins had felt their lives helped and affected by what Cole had written. So I think what I need to say is not just "Nice story Cole!" but "Thank you Cole for a beautiful Christmas present that has enhanced at least three Christmases!" Well Done!

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Thanks so much, guys. We don't always know where stories come from or why they occur in our mind. I only decided to write this one a very few days before Christmas and very much wanted in posted on the 25th. I had some atypical thoughts and they led to this. If it did indeed help a few people, well, I'm very touched by that.

I hope everyone has a very safe, sane and sober New Year's celebration. And that next year is a year of peace rather than war.


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