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Logo no-no

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Has anyone else noticed a logo change? I open AD in Google Chrome. Recently, the logo on the tab at the top of the page showing the website has had a personality adjustment. Instead of my favorite gray cat, it now has something that looks like an M with the right and left arms constricted. Or it's a V. Who knows?

What I wonder is if anyone here can say why it's different from what it used to be, and why it's now different from the logo used in I.E?


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Logo is the favicon. Support for different sizes in browsers is mixed, with a moving favicon supported only by Firefox.

To be fully compatible, one is best keeping to 16x16 pixels. My first attempts at downloading the cat to see how big it is failed, although if I really wanted it, I'm sure I'd work out a way.

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I loaded the AD Forums page in the latest versions of IE 11.0.9600, FF 26.0, Chrome 36.0, Opera 12.16, and Safari 5.17, all running on Windows 7 Pro Version 6.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1. The cat is there in the upper left corner of the Forums page in every one of them, including its slightly mangled tail.

Try clearing your cache; that might be the source of the problem.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Forum pages have this in the header (triangular brackets replaced with squiggly ones to avoid mucking up the forum).

{link rel="shortcut icon" href='http://forums.awesomedude.com/favicon.ico' /}

Which is definitely a V, as I managed to down load it. It's 16x16 pixels

And AD stories have this:

{link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="http://www.awesomedude.com/xxx_inactive/favicon.ico" /}

And this is the cat. And the cat is 32x32 pixels

So to see different favicons is correct.

If you see anything else, either your browser or the whole PC is caching the favicon. Certainly caching was a problem in the early days although I've not run up to it recently.

So in conclusion, the favicons have a different source and return different images.

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I'm worrying about Cole, he seems out of sorts... complaining about a lack of pussy!

Ha ha ha ha. I like that. I do miss my pussy, however. The V is just sort of blah, and entirely meaningless, and I always attributed some attitude to that kitty.

But you know the old saw, Jeff: you can't miss what you've never had.


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I don't know what I can do to restore your 'pussy.' The favicon has not changed on the site. our favicon.ico was created some years ago and remains in the same places it has always been. I find that Chrome and Firefox browsers change so much with each update that I have no way of tracking them.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can resture everyone's 'pussy' (whose actually name is Scruffie, BTW) I'd be glad to try.


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Aha, I just found that some scoundrel had overwritten my favicon.ico in the forums root directory. I have restored it. Resetting the cache in your browser(s) should restore it.


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The correct pussy cat icon is now there, but many pc's cache favicons, but the next time you clear the cache you should then be seeing the correct cat on the tab. I checked by opening a different browser.

But I power cycled the laptop and it is still coming up with V for the forum. Had this problem when I changed the favicon on a shop site I look after - and typically, I can't remember how I cured it! One does not mess with favicons very often.

Added - to fix Firefox, do this.

Click http://forums.awesomedude.com/favicon.ico

When pussy cat is displayed, close browser, and reopen.

There's probably other ways, but that one does work, I've just re-pussyed the laptop.

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