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For someone like Lugnutz this is better than sex

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Remember when cars were made of sheet metal and had large gas eating engines? I know Luggie does and an article like this is right up his alley:


Enjoy the images. Then go look at image number 6...I had one of those in 1969, the year after the 1968 Roadrunner appeared. It cost me nearly four thousand dollars, every penny I had at age 19. Gosh, can you even remember when cars were that cheap? Better yet, gasoline was only 29 cents a gallon. A good thing too because that 383 sure ate the gas.

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Guest Dabeagle

Pretty cool - except Chrysler didn't invent the mini-van. Ever hear of the Micro Bus? While VW's van had gotten larger and more expensive, it was much nicer than the Chrysler offering - although my dad loved them.

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