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I need help with a moral dilemma

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Last Christmas, Tim and I got our ears pierced and got eachother studs with our birthstones in them. We thought the left ear was for gays so we had our left ears done. Now Kyle (my new step uncle) has almost got my new gramma talked into letting him get his ear pierced and we told him to make sure it was the right one because the left one meant gay.

I just found out that we did it backwards and thus the dilemma. Should I keep quiet and let him get his right ear pierced or tell him the truth?

I'm leaning towards keeping quiet until after he gets the piercing but then I'm twisted. :twisted: :twisted:


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It no longer means anything, Codey. It roughly followed the flagging of the old days. Gay, bi, top, bottom, oral.. err the other, kerchief in the left, right back jeans pocket, red, blue... but no longer has any significance other than to show you have some bit of flare.

If he wants to be Mr. Macho and still show support for you and Tim, he might do both... but you'd better kick in for the cost of the extra stud.

I opted out as one of my cats, Squeakie, who is nearing 10 years old, still thinks it is cute to suck on daddy's ear lobes from time to time.

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My left ear is pierced because THAT is my gay ear. The other ear is pansexual. In fact, my earring is a very thick gauge and I like it a lot. Makes me look ever so butch. As does the tongue stud. I'm so tough, I sometimes scare myself.


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I don't think it matters. I'd tell him, but would add that that was the way it was back in the 90's. He's a modern guy -- he'll know it won't matter.

Of course, you could also tell him that copying his favourite step-nephew is the best way to go....

This from someone who doesn't have his ears pierced and probably won't.


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P.A.s can be very hot.... and lots of fun :shock:

Precisely what I told Codey.

And they are nothing like flu shots, EC, getting any piercing with a needle is kind of trippy and cool in and of itself.



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