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Proposition 8

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California is 1/8th the US population. That was a huge domino to fall in the whole war of equal marriage. Most importantly it meant that now everyone in America was going to know a gay married couple because they had a college buddy or cousin in Cali.

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Doug and I will celebrate our first anniversary on July 23rd.

Colin :icon_geek:

I've said something similar before, I know, but it bears repeating: You and Doug are clearly a great couple - and my shrivelled old heart beats proudly anew when I think of you. May you have many many more anniversaries and be happy together until you eclipse even my great age - together.

Seriously, my generation includes many gay men for whom a happy fulfilled life with a life partner was not possible. It makes us a little sad sometimes, but when we come across a young couple with their lives ahead of them - like you and Doug - we smile with contentment, encouraged to know that things are getting better. From across the big pond, my heartiest congratulations.

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Thanks for the congratulations, guys.

Doug and I are taking advantage of all of the tough sledding that everyone that preceded us had to do to get us to a place and time where we could get married. Thank you, all of you here and elsewhere! :applause[1]:

Colin :icon_geek:

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