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Outreaching Reacher?

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Here’s a tip for those of us who delight in Lee Child’s Reacher and the expert violence he visits upon those arrayed against him by out-thinking them at every turn. If you, like myself, have read through all the Reacher titles offered and still have an unsatisfied lust for righteous mayhem, let me recommend “Runner” by Patrick Lee. Sam Dryden is a hero who may out-reach Reacher, and he can run just as far and fast to protect the eleven-year old victim of a deadly pursuit. Sam is used to hiding, and he has tricks up his sleeve that will dazzle not only the bad guys but the reader as well, and when he runs dry, maybe the kid he’s protecting has a few smooth moves as well. Find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Runner-Patrick-Lee/dp/1250030730 This is one where I idly turned to page one after dinner and sat up all night desperate to finish it. I can barely wait for more in this series.


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Another author to read if you like that kind of book is Thomas Perry. He has a series of books about Jane Whitefield, a modern day woman of Seneca heritage who makes people who need hiding disappear. She's amazing at her craft, and the books are very well-written and capture your attention like the Child books. He writes other books as well, so be sure it's a Jane Whitefield book if that's what you want.


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Thanks, James. :icon_thumleft:

It's always nice to be turned on to new authors. 'Runner' was gripping. Now I'm half way through his triology; The Breach, Ghost Country and Deep Sky. Excellent if you like scifi-fantasy-thrillers.

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