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Dangerous criminals apprehended...NOT

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I put this here because I see the police in Texas as little more than comedic stereotypes. What happened to this family is terrifying and I would hope they fine a good lawyer, and soon. There is nothing funny in this video.

What is it about four black males in a tan Honda car, as described by the dispatcher, that these cops don't get? Are they color blind? And then the children finally exit the car you see the cops put their guns away. Oops, we terrified kids. Yeah you did, assholes.

Don't tell me otherwise, but Texas in the news always sounds like the pits of hell. Not going there.


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Once I was driving my parents to visit my brother when he lived in Oklahoma and the route took me through Arkansas.

I'm always careful about my driving in Arkansas because they the worst ticket whores ever.

I was surprised when I got pulled over and ordered out of the car- at gunpoint.

I was close to the state pen and a murderer with my same VERY general description had escaped the night before.

I didn't fight them, run my mouth or try to take their weapons and I hadn't robbed any stores.

I wasn't covered with Aryan Nations tatts, so after a quick check of my license (and a change of underwear) I was on my way- un-shot.

Moral of the story: that shit happens- to everybody.

If you're not and idiot or a smart ass you will drive away... unless they actually are looking for you. Then you're screwed.

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Once as a teenager I got stopped by a cop for lying in the back seat with my bare feet out of the window. I was drunk as a skunk but (as told to me later) I was as polite as my momma had always taught me. He let me off with a warning but told me to wash my feet. I guess I don't look as suspicious as you guys.

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