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Saving the Day

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We're on Daylight saving now. However, Monday is a public holiday, and the banks are closed, so that means I won't be able to deposit my daylight savings until Tuesday. If I get burgled and my savings are stolen, then I guess that will be daylight robbery.

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I went to a French horn recital in downtown LA last night. I go into downtown LA about once a decade, but I went last night. The major attractions at the horn recital were Andrew Bain and Dale Clevenger. Since everyone here knows who they are, I don't have to identify them.

What? You don't know them? Really?

Well, OK then, I'll identify them. Dale Clevenger was the principal horn with the Chicago Symphony, one of the world's finest symphonic orchestras, for 47 years running. He recently retired. I doubt any other horn player has held that prestigious a position for that long. I doubt any will in the future.

Andrew Bain has been the principal horn with the LA Phil for the past three years. He's a chatty, friendly bloke, though I couldn't understand him when he spoke. I assign the linguistic difficulties to the fact he speaks Australian and I don't. Or perhaps it's because he comes from Adelaide? Do Adelaideians -wow, say that out loud and you'd think your were yodeling - mumble as well as distort their vowels?

Anyway, to get to the serious question I wanted to ask: Andrew performed a piece called 'I'm so Ronery.' Now I don't speak Australian so don't know that word. Don't even know if it's Australian. The piece was written by Trey Parker of South Park fame, and as everyone realizes, with him, anything goes. But the story line that goes with the song is there's this guy who somehow ends up in Australia where he doesn't know anyone and feels sort of abandoned. The song was rather melancholy, so I sort of assumed 'ronery' might mean 'sad'. But I figured, since you were probably a neighbor of Andrew's and swung on the same swing set when you were toddlers, if it was some sort of slang or colloquial gutter-speak, you might know what the word meant.


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My nearest guess, and it is a guess, because I've never heard the word before is that the piece is actually, "I'm so Lonely."

And that makes it sound more like an Elvis song than an Australian one, or a South Park one.

Googling brings up the Trey Parker of South Park fame, with the song being sung by the North Korean Dear Leader. Given the wide spread belief that Asians can't pronounce the "L" sound and often gets pronounced as "R". This validates my first thought above that the song is actually, "I'm So Lonely"

What on Earth this has to do with saving my daylight I cannot even begin to guess.

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I think you nailed it! And Andrew might even have explained this to us. I really couldn't understand much of what he was saying. But he seemed friendly enough. Slightly self-effacing. I like that in a bloke.

Nothing to do with Daylight Saving Time. I just saw your name there and, hey, there's someone who throws the lingo around!

And it wasn't quite as boring as the time change.


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Back in days of yore... a popular American song sung in Ginza dance halls was 'Rub me or reeb me but don't reeb me ronery.'

I don't know that I would like to be reebed.

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