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On The Road To... by Nigel Gordon


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First off, let me attest to Nigel's accuracy in getting his geography lesson soundly located. Next, let me recommend this brief tale for its impeccable reasoning, though one would expect no less, given the personage offering the argument. Don't overlook this tale, which rings true in so many ways. http://www.awesomedude.com/nigel_gordon/on-the-road-to/on-the-road-to.htm.

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Just finished reading On the Road to... and loved it. Tears in my eyes at the end.

Generally, stories that get didactic about religion make me uncomfortable because I know religion is such a difficult subject, people have such different views about it, and hold them with such conviction that you almost inevitably step on some readers' toes by describing a particular religious belief as mistaken, or just plain wrong. However this story I thought did it particularly well, offered answers to some of the difficult questions and presented a positive christian dogma that would I guess work for many. Bravo!

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