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Sanitaria Springs Note

Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

Second attempt, I don't know what happened to the first.

With respect to the wonderful resurgence Sanitaria Springs there have been a few people asking how they can join in. Below is a copy/paste of a response I made earlier - but I wanted to throw out there that I know of at least six actively in progress Sanitaria Springs stories. If you are thinking of writing, please shoot me a note so I can try to let you know if someone is currently writing with the characters you'd like to expand on. It will save timeline headaches and contradictions. For the time being, I'll volunteer to be something of a custodian for the collected stories.

The 'rules' are pretty simple and mostly of a type of gentleman's code. What you have with the existing stories is a framework. Please do not change the existing characters in radical ways (breaking up relationships 'cause you like one) or that sort of thing. I encourage anyone who wants to participate to read all the existing work to see if one of them provides a springboard for yourself or simply so that you don't contradict what is already there. Although I don't remember everything - which Ryan takes glee in pointing out (honest, he does) I'm also available as a resource for anyone that would like me to look first. But to be clear, that isn't a requirement. These stories are all hosted here at AD and I don't have any say in their development and where they go, so fear not in terms of that.

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I'm writing Spider Web. It uses characters from my story Along Came a Spider, a couple new characters, plus Alec and Sasha from your stories. No football, just body building. Does this sound okay?

Colin :icon_geek:

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What I'm thinking about:


The bailiff entered the courtroom and said, "All rise for Broome County Court, State of New York, the Honorable Judge Kirkwood presiding."

Judge Kirkwood entered the court and took a seat at the bench. He wasn't a stickler for formality in his Youth Court but he expected and required a level of decorum. When he saw Alec Kutsenko in the crowd, he stifled a sigh.

As soon as he was seated the bailiff gave the crowd a nod and everyone took their seats.

The Judge looked at the days docket and frowned. Jimmy McCullough. A repeat customer and it was fairly serious this time.

He looked up and said, "Will Jimmy McCullough please approach the bench."

The all too familiar face of the McCullough boy and his Mother approached.

Judge Kirkwood read, "On Sept. 7th at the High School there was an assault on a boy in the football locker room. Jimmy, you were initially thought to be a part of that. You were cleared of that, and that is to your credit. During the investigation however you were found to be in possession of a half ounce of marijuana in your locker. How do you plead?"

Jimmy said, "Guilty, your honor."

"This isn't the first time you've stood before me. When you were 13, you were charged with public intoxication. Twice. And again when you were fourteen, fifteen and sixteen."

Judge Kirkwood took off his glasses and sat the papers on the desk and looked at the young man.

"For someone of your youth, you are racking up quite a score. First with alcohol. Now with drugs. I think its apparent that you've got a problem and the sooner you get an handle on it, the better. There is someone here that asked to speak on your behalf. Alec Kutsenko, would you please approach the bench?"

Alec approached the bench and stood where the bailiff indicated.

Judge Kirkwood said, "Mr. Kutsenko, I understand that you have something to add in this case?"

Alec said, "Your Honor, Jimmy was there when it happened. He was the only one of the group that refused to hurt me and even tried to stop it. He's one of the good guys your Honor. He's not mean like the others."

The Judge said, "I understand that you declined participating in the trials of the young men that assaulted you."

"Yes sir your Honor. There was no need."

"Why did you feel the need to speak up for Mr. McCullough?"

Alex paused for a moment and said, "I don't know Jimmy very well but... He was the only one that said No. They shouted him down of course and shoved him out of the way, but that meant something to me."

The Judge let out a sigh and said, "Thank you Alec. You may step down."

He turned to Jimmy and said, "Here in Youth Court our job isn't to punish as much as it to help when we can. Here is the deal Jimmy: I want you to go to the Catskills Regional Youth Rehab Facility and take the treatment there for six weeks. If you are clean and sober one year from this date I will drop the charges against you. Possession on school grounds is serious Jimmy. In this state it's a felony and you don't want any part of that. What do you say."

Jimmy looked to his mom and she nodded. He said, "Thank you your Honor."

The Judge said, "Don't thank me yet. Mr. Drummonds?"

A tall man in the court stood and said, "Yes, your honor?"

"At this time I remand Mr. McCullough into your custody. Please get the paperwork from Kitty...err the court secretary."

"Jimmy, he is going to take you to Catskills Regional and your treatment will begin immediately. I want to see you here again in a year- clean and sober. I warn you Mr. McCullough: I don't want to see you here on another alcohol or drug charge and you don't want to be here."

He struck the gavel and said, "Court is adjourned."


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Guest Dabeagle

James -

It sounds as if this takes place right after the original Sanitaria Springs, when Alec is a sophomore. Judge Kirkwood wouldn't know him to roll his eyes at him or have much of a reaction at all. Other than that, you've got your start.

Feel free to email me, unless you want to reveal your whole story via message board :laugh:

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Guest Dabeagle

I edited my response to James but I want to clarify that Alec and Sasha are old sophomores, which accounts for their driving. Ryan pointed out my error as part of an upcoming SS story - and he claims he doesn't like to point these things out

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Guest Dabeagle

A note to all folks inhabiting or planning to inhabit the town of Sanitaria Springs:

As Camy suggested, I'm trying to create a Wiki article that will serve as a quick reference sheet. It is pretty basic and I'll welcome people's assistance in editing the page as need be.

I provided a brief introduction and listed the chapters accompanied by the characters introduced. If a character recurred, I didn't list that nor did I give a synopsis of each chapter. I did note who wrote the story and linked to their AD page.

I am putting a list down for the chronological listing of all the stories and tried to use cues in the stories to figure out where they fell. My system is this:

Alec and Sasha are Sophomores and that is the baseline when this starts. I try to relate the stories to that starting point. By the time we see Alec's Best Friend, he's a senior.

Listing the major and minor characters gives people a touchstone for bouncing off and starting a new idea. For instance, who is going to tell the story of Ernie and Charlie from The Art of Understanding?

Unfortunately, I'm number 2800 something in line to be reviewed and accepted as an article, which may take a few weeks up to a month according to the message. I will continue to tinker, but I will also ask that authors review it when it comes out so changes can be made.

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If it takes that long, you could set up a Yahoo Groups in the meantime. Or instead of a Wiki. A Yahoo group can be set up as private, too.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Guest Dabeagle

Colin, you're supposed to tell me that first :ohmy:

I spent a few hours on it, enough that I'll give it some time and see what develops. I may copy/paste it here as well for the short term.

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NO! Don't abandon the Wiki. I was giving you an option in case they dragged their heels about letting you into Wikiworld and you were still waiting, waiting, waiting!

Colin :icon_geek:

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