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100 Winters by Steven Adamson


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Really exceptional story.

Last year I listened to an extended series of college lectures about World War I, and with those details of the horrors of that war in mind, this story was especially poignant. To have any kind of story with a hopeful ending would have seemed impossible to me until I read this one.

Good show.


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Thanks for the comments.

This story really surprised me. I was watching a BBC special on 'Thankful Villages' in the middle of December. These were villages that lost no soldiers to the Great War. That's where I first heard the story of the young wagon soldier winning a medal because he stayed with his horses through an artillery barrage.

I got inspired that night knowing the 100th anniversary of that first Christmas was coming up and 3 days later I had the story complete, bar minor revisions. (I worked full time on it since I was home on vacation and most of my family was on a trip.) Still, 3 days for a story of that length and quality is something I'm proud of now.

Hopefully it signals a better productivity to come :-)

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