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Pride made Straight

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It appears that the US distributors of the DVD of Pride, a film about gay activists joining up with Welsh miners during the Miners Strike, have straight washed the DVD cover. The cover image has been photoshopped to remove any references to gay organizations and all mention of gay and lesbians has been removed from the cover blurb. You can find more information out about it at:


There is also a petition being raised about it at:


What possible sense can there be in removing all external mention of gays and lesbians from the promotional material when the moment the film starts it is quite clear what it is about, unless they have done a lot of editing, which would destroy a good film.

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We just watched the movie Pride. I must tell you it is a wonderful film full of accurate details of the era. I can say that because I heard about them at the time here in Adelaide when we were living through similar cultural traumas and experiences.

I find that even now, some 24 hours after we watched it that I'm still feeling a plethora of emotions over the characters, the situations and the horror of the losses we all suffer.

Inspiring and uplifting and sobering, this is really a film not to be missed. I suppose you could say it is a Welsh/UK version of Milk, but really that doesn't give either Milk or Pride their full justice.

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I saw this movie on the plane last month. I was really impressed. I don't see the point in altering the cover because the entire movie revolves around the gay organisation L.G.S.M. The only possible marketing reason I can see for making the change would be allow it to be displayed prominently in places that are still strongly homophobic...but even there, there will be people who will know of the film and will demand it not be displayed, regardless of what's on the cover.

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Amazon have just e-mailed me to tell me they've shipped my copy of the DVD which I pre-ordered months ago. So I have a treat in store early next week...

You will have.

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I saw the DVD in a shop here in Melbourne, yesterday. The DVD cover is different to the one in the article. The cover they appear to have used in Australia is the image from this movie poster:


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