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Debating Love by Funtails


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I stumbled across the story "Debating Love" by Funtails. It appears at http://awesomedude.com/funtails/debating_love/index.htm.

This is an eight-chapter story about life at an English boys' boarding school. Being strictly a Yank I'm always amazed by what is depicted in stories of this genre. This one is very entertaining yet emotionally deep as well. Worth a read.


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I think you should go ahead with it, Dude. The forum discussion we are having will have escaped many of your readers, and this still is such a fine story it deserves to be highlighted. I love being reminded of stories I've either enjoyed in the past or shouldn't have missed, and I've been meaning to comment to you on how much I look forward to the Dude's Picks list each month to jog my memory and ease my search for good stuff to both read and reread.

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