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Okay... Alex Beecroft is a friend of mine. Her age of sail novels are of the very highest standard, very highly recommended. She then switched to writing contemporary mysteries which I enjoyed just as much. She has also written two series of fantasy novels, which I read but didn't enjoy quite as much because that kind of fantasy isn't really my thing. Trowchester Blues is the first of a series of three contemporary novels set in a provincial small English town, another departure for Alex. If you pre-ordered it with Riptide you got your copy two days before the official release date, so I got mine three days ago and have now read it. It's very good, very very good.

Alex's novels with my favourites asterisked:

Age of sail

By Honor Betrayed *

His Heart's Obsession *

Captain's Surrender *

Blessed Isle *


Shining in the Sun *

Viking Historical

The Reluctant Berserker *


Bomber's Moon


The Crimson Outlaw

Too Many Fairy Princes


Trowchester Blues *

Blue Eyed Stranger - due for release April

Blue Steel Chain - due for release July

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I get mostly hardcovers when I buy. I go to Barnes and Noble, a large American bookseller—I have no idea if they're in England, too—and I buy books they've overstocked and so have a reduced price, usually $5 or $6. I prefer them to paperbacks because usually the typeface is larger. And, at the price I buy them, they're cheaper than the $10 most recent paperbacks cost.

I checked: no Beecroft books.


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