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OH NO...they didn't...

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Amazing, and wonderful news for many, I'm sure.

I, like I'm sure many of you, get mail from readers, and mine comes from around the world. I have a kid in South Africa writing me, and he wrote last month about his circumcision. He's 17, white, and not overly religious. Why, I asked? Why would you do that? He simply said he wanted to, he liked the looks better, and this seemed the right time as he was entering manhood. My reaction was, WOW! But he said it didn't hurt especially, he had medication that kept it from hurting afterwards, and he's glad he did it.

I guess in S. Afr. it isn't only tribal customs that encourage this, as the article seemed to suggest.


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I remember an episode on one of those food shows on the Travel Channel where the host was in S. Africa. He observed the ritual. At the end of the ritual, the foreskin was offered to an elder male family member for consumption.

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