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Better Nate than Ever - by Tim Federle

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This is a children's book, aimed at 9-14 year olds, and is getting five star reviews on Amazon from all age groups.

It is exuberant, heart-warming, bursting with excitement and pathos on every page. Can't recommend it highly enough.

A thirteen year old misfit, short, overweight, obsessed with musical theatre, who has one friend, a girl who encourages his theatrical aspirations, escapes from Jankberg, Pennsylvania to audition for Elliott in ET:The Musical, his first trip to New York. He is totally believable, lovable, pathetic, naive, and it doesn't go at all as planned.

My one gripe (and it's a big gripe): the book is published by Simon and Schuster and available as an e-book from their website at $7.99 but only if you have a US card account and address. I bought it from Amazon.co.uk - £6.99 in paperback or £3.79 in kindle e-book format. £3.79 is about $5.80 so that's not a bad price.

That's not the gripe. This is the gripe: Federle has written a sequel, Five Six Seven Nate, which has received the Lambda best fiction award. That too is available on Amazon.co.uk - £5.17 in paperback or £8.44 in kindle e-book format. £8.44 is about $12.95. WTF???

Amazon profiteering? Direct from Simon & Schuster both books are $7.99 whether you buy them on paper or as e-books.

Rant over.

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We reviewed that book here on the forum what, a year or so ago? On the basis of that, I bought it. I enjoyed it, but found the amount of praise it was receiving a bit over the top. But that's just me, in curmudgeon mode.


I wonder if that's where I heard of it? I did do a search here before posting but didn't find it. Maybe I didn't search right...

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Have you contacted Amazon directly? I've actually found them fairly helpful in the past. Book prices these days (especially e-Books) are set by the publisher rather than Amazon in most cases. Sort of a screwed up process still being finagled. Could just need a kind ( or WTF?!) nudge from you, especially for a popular book.

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Well I haven't contacted Amazon but on your prompting I will do.

I did contact Tim Federle the author and he was apologetic and confirmed as I expected that the pricing is entirely outside his control. The more I learn about him the more I think he's a nice guy as well as a talented author. He's on YouTube quite a lot if you want to see and hear him.

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