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NudeManFest strips away body image issues, helps celebrate different body shapes

This is part of Melbourne's Midsumma gay and lesbian festival, but I was a bit disappointed in the opening photo of the article, given the heading. All of the nude men in that picture have similar body shapes -- all sexy :icon_thumleft:

So, if anyone is in Melbourne at the moment, they want to participate, the festival starts tomorrow :smile:

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Yes, Pat...I'll take an F please. Can you imagine the game show that could be produced with that lineup of men?

I get the impression from the website that there are lots of games played during the festival :smile:

This one, from the article, does seem to show a diversity of body shapes. Not necessarily for the better, either!

I agree that it shows a diversity of body shapes, but that first image is the one used to advertise the event and it doesn't show diversity. That was what perturbed me.


Victoria is still predominantly a white community. The main other racial groups here are Asian, Pacific Islander (Polynesian, Melanesian, Micronesian), and Indian. The photos in the gallery show Indian and Pacific Islander, but I couldn't see any Asian. Admittedly, it can be difficult to pick Asian from the back, so it's quite possible that there were Asian men there, too. I also saw some pictures of someone who could be Aboriginal. Overall, the gallery photos seem to show a reasonably representative sample of Victorian males.

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