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A Good Place by Mark Peters

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I am intrigued already. Mark has started another episode in the life of Thompsonville and it is one that I definitely want to read. In a short first chapter he has established both a feeling of place and one of uncertainty. You don't know what is going to happen but you have the feeling something is going to happen.

It left me wanting to know more and I will be reading it to find out more. This is certainly a story that I am going to look forward to reading.

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A Good Place is off to A Great Start. So far it's a gentle tale, but the author has carefully placed the reader on notice that we should take nothing for granted. So I'll simply look forward to more as the story unfolds.

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OK, I confess that I was a bad boy, and finished the story elsewhere. I couldn't wait.

BUT it led me back to re-read Song for Guy, which provides essential background for (among other things) the karaoke scene in A Good Place. I know I read it some time back but I had forgotten the details.

And as for A Good Place, the conclusion blew me away.


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