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The "H" Word



I'm on hiatus from writing.

Well, not completely true - I'm writing stories for my remedial reading students. I hate, hate, hate the books provided by the school. They're either too high-level for the kids to understand or they are too kiddy and uninteresting, or they're all about rich, suburban white kids that my kids can't relate to, so I'm writing my own.

In other words, work is kicking my ass all over the place, and I'm kicking it right back. My 8th graders read like 2nd graders, and I've only got a few months to change that. I've got to make words more appealing than the street corners, and that's taking all my time and creativity. I'm tapped.

In other news, I'm going to a private premier screening of "Waiting for 'Superman'" - a documentary about inner-city charter schools (like mine) - and I was invited to attend a conference/discussion afterward. Presumably because I'm a badass. You know, in an educational way. Fun times!


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And, have you received any notification as to why the President hasn't made you head of education in the US? Seems to me like they have overlooked the perfect person.Seriously. EleCivil, we need more teachers like you. :hug:

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Damn but it's good to see something from you, E/C.There's no question in my mind, you can easily make reading stories more compelling than standing on the corner and watching the world go by, very very slowly. You can make it exciting for one of your pleeps to turn the page so as to find out what happens to this guy who's so much like he is.If it's exciting enough, he'll even go to the dictionary to see what that word he doesn't know means.He'll read the story again and again, and his reading speed and comprehension will improve.Man, are you ever powerful. You're controlling their lives. And they're loving it.They're sure lucky you're there. But then, you are, too.C

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Lucky kids, I say!But as James said, don't burn yourself out. Though if you were going to burn out, teaching's a pretty noble cause to do burn out for ... which is utter Bollocks. Oh, just take care! :)Camy

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I commented on this post two days ago, but this computer, or possibly the phone system, or the worldwide web, or something, chewed it up and spat it out, so I'm trying again.Waiting for Superman?? Tell them the wait is over - he's here and he's Elecivil. I've said it before - I wish you'd been my teacher. Your talent and dedication is super-heroic, and way beyond the call of duty. Whoever in your life provides you with hugs, please pass on to them this instruction to apply a large-primate hug from me...

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I'm relieved to see another post. I was about ready to fire off an email, metaphorically clutching a knife and fork and demanding 'where's my dinner?'But seriously, it sounds like you have your priorities worked out. The inspirational educator story describes a movie sub-genre. I've usually found the protagonists in such films more lame-ass than badass. Michelle Pfeiffer dished out Bob Dylan lyrics. You author your own. Those unlucky kids got lucky with you.I'm sure in the meantime Leviathan can weather a little more rust. So, if you're going to present at the film discussion as an educational super hero, does that mean you'll turn up wearing your underwear on the outside? Will that include your socks?

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Great to hear you are alive and kicking (ass), EC! Would love to talk to you about what you're doing - maybe if you have time during the holidays - on AD Radio's Weekend show!Think about it and hang in there!Mike :hug:

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Well, I'm somewhat comforted to know that I'm not the only one so displeased with my classroom material that they've resorted to writing their own stuff.Let's hear your thoughts on 'Waiting for Superman' when you get a chance.

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EC, if your stories for those kids are half as good as what you have at AD and CW, those kids will love reading them. Why not see if there's some way to pool your stories and other teachers' stories and materials into a teaching resource, not just a textbook, but a curriculum? Surely there are plenty of teachers out there who are coming up with indie study materials and indie publishing. How about SmashWords or Amazon's Kindle stores?

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