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I just finished Latakia on my Kindle and very recently read Falling Off the Face of the Earth and The Last Day of Summer.  All have engaging and nicely developed characters and well-done plots, the last one in a professional baseball environment.

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It's definitely the ex-Mormon in me, but I saw "Novels by J Smith" and I thought, who the hell is reading the Book of Mormon on an LGBT writing website? Thankfully I figured it out a few seconds later. :P

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I went to St. Mary School, a Catholic school, from K thru 5. When I was in the fifth grade we had catechism for an hour three mornings a week taught by a priest from the church. One day he went on a rant about God knows everything you do and everything you will do (a.k.a., predestination — I know now that this isn't Church teachings; let's return to my fifth grade classroom). I sat there and listened to his ranting about how we had to be good because God sees and knows all. So, not being a shy boy (:sneaky:) I raised my hand and asked (more or less something like the following — it happened when I was 10 years old and I'm 27 now so I don't remember my exact words): "If God knows what we do and what we're going to do in the future, why to I have to try to be good? You said God already knows what I'm going to do, so it's all going to happen anyway no matter what I try to do, right?" The priest was not pleased, and used the unchangeable, "That's one of God's mysteries."

That's when I decided that I would go to Walnut Creek Intermediate (the local middle school) starting in sixth grade. That's also when I decided I didn't need to go to church any longer.

Colin  :icon_geek:


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