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Brass Balls

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I'm surprised not to find any mention of this story here.  I was also surprised to see five chapters have been posted, as I hadn't seen any of them before.  I've been busy writing, but thought I'd been checking the AD home page every day.  Odd.

Anyway, Brass Balls, i.e., the two chapters I've read now, is great.  Definite Chris James work: his style, his flair.  Very enjoyable so far.  And it promises even more to come.

Now I'm going back to read the chapters I haven't gotten to yet.  I hope the rest of you do yourselves the favor of joining me.


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Thank you, Cole...as always you have nice things to say. I am not worried about the lack of response since most of my readers wait until I am done posting to comment. But in fact, it has been over a year since I submitted a story for posting, and as I joked with Mike perhaps the readers have forgotten my name.

In the opening I mention this story is a decade old, and the more I think about it is perhaps even older than that. I changed so much to bring it in line with the AD sensibilities and in doing that made it more of a romance...I like that. But this was also the first story I wrote involving a military mindset and it worked out so well.

But Brass Balls was such fun to write I felt it had a place among my other works. There will be no sequel to this story, but there are new things coming soon. 

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Perhaps that ten year spell helped the tale build its character and style, because it's truly a charming story. The characters are quite three dimensional, believable, and enjoyable. And the pacing is right in parallel with a sailing adventure as well, so I'd call it a perfect brew. I much look forward to more!

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I could see it was tweaked; you've told me you use to write more steamy stories, but I've never seen any of them.  I'm not so sure about the sensibilities of AD readers, but I went the opposite way of you with my next story, which will be appearing soon.  I think there's a place for both types here, and if I feel a little squeamish about what I just wrote, well, let the cards fall as they may.

Brass Balls is great so far, and I'm waiting for Ch. 6, which I assume we'll have tonight.



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This was definitely one of the first Chris James stories that I ever read. It is certainly one of those that got me hooked on his writing. The only thing I can say about it now is that the 'tweaked' version for AD is a lot better than the original. Am really enjoying it, even though I know what is going to happen.

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Imagine my surprise when I logged on this morning to find 9 emails all with the subject heading Brass Balls. It took only moments to discover that the reason for this slew of mail was that the latest chapter, which would have been 10, was actually a repeat posting of Chapter 8.

The readers didn't seem upset, just concerned that they were missing out on something. But most of them sent Mike a notice to please fix the issue. I know he will and I probably have less concern about the issue since this stuff happens now and again. In fact, I tend to look on the bright side, 6 of the 9 emails came from new readers, names I have not seen before.

We always wonder how many are reading our stories, and I guess this is one way to find out :)

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The end of "Brass Balls"--or is it?  A wonderful wrap-up, immensely thoughtful as is your style, Chris, plus just the wee hint that there might be more to come, one of these days.  Thank you, Chris, for this lovely gift culminating now in the holiday season.

And what better way to observe whatever holiday all of you follow, than to find and press Dude's Donate Button?  Please do it, one and all.


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Just finished this and really enjoyed it. I was tempted to compare "One Summer in Georgia" but quickly realized the scenarios are vastly different.  Still, in both cases there is an experienced lead character with lots of pluck, and a surprisingly resourceful younger sidekick. But the personal side goes in massively different directions.  I like how much we learn about the lead character here. 

Good show  




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