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The Right to Remain Silent by Cole Parker

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What can one say about this story other than it is classic Cole Parker. A really interesting story, well told, which is enjoyable to read. Highly recommended.

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4 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

Thanks, Gordon, and by the way, you posted here some time ago that you had several stories partly written.  Some of us are still waiting anxiously.  I love your writing!


Cole, one of the serial novels I am working on "Living with Johnny" is now approaching its end. Just written chapter 61, suspect I have ten more chapters to do, then the epilogue. Then it is down to re-writing and editing. Hope to get it finished this summer.

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On 05/04/2018 at 4:57 AM, Cole Parker said:

Thanks for the update!  71 chapters!  Wow!


Yes, considering it was meant to be a short story.


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It's a valid point, though, even if funny.  I'd guess many of us have had that experience, getting started and then both the story and the characters taking on a life of their own, and the need growing to go beyond the limits one had originally envisioned.  I've turned many an expected 8,000 word short story into a 30,000 word novella.  I'm sure Nigel and I aren't alone with this.


Although, perhaps from short story to 71 chapters is taking things to extremes.




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A short story! Grown up to be 61 and counting plus 10 more (and an epilogue). So, ONLY 10 more? Huh!

Colin  :icon_geek:

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