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Alike in Dignity


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Michael Arram does just about everything  brilliantly.  He can unleash Operation Ruric against the hordes of Malik Ramu, and the horse cavalry rides again while a seraph becomes human; or, he might just discuss the trials and tribulations of a pair of long time lovers who in addition to dealing with a lost icon and all that entails, have problems with their housekeeper.

In this case, we have star crossed lovers, great music both classic and contemporary, and the streets of Strelzen live again with the rattle of trams and stolen kisses.  I could ask for nothing more.

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Sadly, all good stories must come to an end, and Rothenia must once again retreat into the shadows of our imagination.  Grateful thanks to Mike Arram for his continued devotion to detailing this magic kingdom and its wonderful cast of characters, both new and old, we have come to love.


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I really enjoyed this. A great story, well told. Hopefully, one which will give rise to more as I suspect there is a lot more to come from Starcrossed in one way or another if the gods of fiction allow.

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Awesome. (groan)

Just binge read it, and it brought back all those little memories of previous reads of previous stories there. Marvellously crafted. Pure reading pleasure. ????

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