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Seasonal Poetry

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Of Holly and Ivy.


A Tale for the Christmas Season

By Pedro


Sat round the brass topped table

I talk and talk with my friend Mabel

Of places, people, life and plants

(For she is a gardener most able)


The subjects roam from Southern France

And gifts we’ll get from maiden aunts

Then it seems it’s shrubs and trees

And I just know it is not chance


For Mabel’s smile is such a tease

As something she behind me sees

And me to turn is impolite

Oh come on, Mabel. Tell me please.


She tells how Holly stands upright

But bristles with those pricks of spite.

Of how Ivy climbs and clings

Smoth’ring all, embracing tight.


I’ve never reasoned why one sings

That Holly, or is it Ivy, brings

Goodwill at time of Christmas cheer

To me ‘tis one of life’s odd things.


But Mabel’s tale is then made clear:

Two yobbos full of festive beer

And looking for a boozer’s fight

Call out loud that someones queer.


Ivy holds one in a Nelson tight

As Holly puts out the other’s light

(Her left hook the stuff of fable)

And both yobs thrown out into night.




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