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How Homosexuals Can Save Civilization

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How Homosexuals Can Save Civilization

Perpetual rut: oh what a mixed blessing;
Once it begins it grows without lessening!
It somehow controls us beyond understanding,
Thanks to its urging and constant demanding.

Originally intended to prolong our fine race,
It seems to have increased since we've fallen from grace.
Now we can barely remember our aim
To control our own destiny, once sex is our game.

When inserting Part A to another's Part B
Our pleasure takes over without referee,
And instead of tending to selective breeding
We become only intent on continual seeding.

Thus it behooves us, in saving the race
To identify B Parts that breed no disgrace.
Boy to boy bonding, girl to girl love
Will insure our redemption by heaven above,

And guarantee food enough, plus adequate space
So our descendants (more properly paced)
Will have room to grow and to find their true pair:
Though this time around breeders get the ten percent share.


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Superb. Well done , James.

It should be compulsory reading for every phobe on the planet, except they would either be too thick to understand it or deliberately miss the point unless a gloss was provided  which they would ignore anyway.

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Well written. It's always been a wonder to me that once population control became obviously necessary the powers that be didn't start to encourage same sex and discourage hetero sex. I suspect that greed (for power and money) is the main reason. A reducing population doesn't lend itself to increasing power or markets. 

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I don't want to detract from your poem, but there is a published book entitled "How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization: The true and heroic story of how gay men shaped the modern world" by Cathy Crimmins (published by the Penguin Group with a copyright date of 2004).  When I saw the topic in the forum, I couldn't figure out why you would be discussing her book in the Poetry category!  Nice to read another take on the idea.

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