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Courage & Passion


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I'm delighted to see Dude is posting Courage & Passion!

I read it shortly after I discovered Freethinker's Foxwood Chronicles and it is wonderful!

Freethinker is a great writer and his stories are some of the best you'll find anywhere.

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C & P won't be the last of the FreeThinker stories you'll be reading here at AwesomeDude.

FreeThinker is one of those writers who has captured my loyalty with his innovative plots and incredible characters.

We certainly are happy to have him here at AwesomeDude.


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  • 10 years later...

I had read it before, it is a story I keep going back to re-read. Well worth a place in Dude's Pick from the Past. Anybody who has not read it should.

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Freethinker is an incredible writer. This is just one of many of his stories that have gripped me, moved me, and made me want to be a better writer myself.


I totally agree with Cole.. with the exception that I was never a writer in the first place!

FT.. I hope you'll be submitting a new story soon!


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I was 10 when I started 6th grade (skipped a grade) and that year only, they put all the 6th graders in the brand new junior high school that had just been built. (After that year, the junior high school reverted to the normal 7-8-9 grade levels, so I ended up staying there for four years.). I was mightily grateful to get out of the one-room elementary school format, and to be more of a big kid with changing classes and (gasp) Phys. Ed with changing in the locker room and gang showers. But I was so naive that nothing like what happens in this story ever crossed my mind. There was no internet in 1962 and this was my fourth school in two and a half years so I didn't have a bunch of long-term friends to clue me in. I can certainly relate to the feelings of Zhenya and Robby being newly planted in a foreign environment. The level of maturity and insight displayed by the boys in the story is way beyond anything I experienced.


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