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Camy’s Covid Poems: 1-4


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Here are four short poems wot I rote, while batting away the invisible beast with my favourite beast batting bat (not available on amazon). I say beast, but nobody can decide if viruses are alive or not. Bacteria are alive, but viruses? Odd... but then everything seems odd these days.

Anyhow, the first poem is a haiku. An actual, real life, 5-7-5 haiku (of which I'm inordinately proud).



Let's not make a fuss.
Let us just sit here, maskless...
Until we are dead.



"We have RIGHTS!" He shrieked,
spittle flying at his bestest friend.

Ten days later his bestest friend
shuffled off this mortal coil.

Two days after, with a whimper and gurgle,
they were together again.




Squark squark, run run, flap flap, BANG!
“What’s for dinner, dear?”
“Shhh...! They’re out of season.”




Is lamping fun?
Not for the rabbit.
Only for the fucker with a gun.


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