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Forums to be Closed

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Just received the email about forums to close.

Was it something I said?

Seriously, these forums are a breath of fresh air.

I guess that recent problems with a certain participant have precipitated this action. I do not know or even want to know what has transpired behind the scenes, I just want to say that I do hope that some way can be found to keep the forums going.

AwesomeDude won't be the same without them.

These forums are quite unique.

Dude, I will help if at all possible. :(


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Another agree from The Netherlands here.

The stories I found by recommendations in this forum....

Just don't stop. It is a well used extra on the AD.com site.

I'm sure I would miss it!

Eliminate problems in a forum, but not by eliminating the forum itself.

Love and wisdom,


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I'm a very new participant in this forum, so my opinion doesn't mean as much as those who've been here for a long time. But... I'm sure glad that this forum will continue! Thank you!

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Hey Dude,

I'm glad you decided to keep the Forum open. I may not have participate much here but it is great to see how your website has grown since it started.

Thanks for bringing the writers and us the readers together.


Ena, reader

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