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Halloween Dance by Nevius

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Attend a spooky school dance with AD author Nevius (rhymes with 'devious') in Halloween Dance , his unusual Halloween Festival offering. Jon doesn't want to attend any 'fuckin' Halloween Dance' but, boy, will he be glad his best friend Mark dragged him there! Cool costumes, cute boys and loads of fun make this a Halloween treat you won't want to miss from awesome AD author Nevius!


From Halloween Dance :

After the fourth or fifth song exhaustion starts to set in and my mind begins to wander from the girl in front of me. Suddenly I come to a complete stop as I see the most gorgeous butt in the whole world bent over before me. He?s picking something up off of the floor. Dressed in white full body leotard with a skeleton printed?well, at least across the back, I am awed.

?Whoa,? I vibrate in a deep baritone voice.

?Are you OK,? Cherie asks.

I nod slowly and then begin to dance again while staring at the boy across the floor. As he stands up I see he has a full head rubber skull on.

?Dammit,? I mumble. Entranced by the ?body? across the floor I need to know who it belongs to because instantly I know that there is more to this than just lust; an aura exudes from him that speaks to me.


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Another short story that I enjoyed. I've been so far behind in my reading that I decided to make myself read the Halloween contributions -- and I've been impressed. For a theme that lends itself to horror (a genre I generally don't like), we ended up with a lot of romance :icon12:

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Hooray for Jon and Dave, and hooray for the best friend Mark.

That was really sweet, a nice way to have them meet.

After I got through the first section, to where they begin getting the idea for the costumes, the story picks up a great deal. However, the part at the beginning where Jon's unsure and Mark's trying to get him to talk, that was needed for the story.

I really liked it.

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Thanks all, I enjoyed writing Halloween Dance too. I was in a good mood and having fun so I think it came through to the story. We'll all have to do this more often. Don't you think Dude?

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