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Trick or Treat?

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Another school dance but not just any dance, not with Graeme in charge! This story is chock-full of Halloween goodies: spooky costumes, romantic cravings, creepy happenings, scary moments and, best of all, one seriously shocking ending! But no cheating, you have to read Trick or Treat? from great start to fantastic finish, and then email Aussie author Graeme to tell him how much you enjoyed it!


From Trick or Treat?:

The music had restarted and a semi-random wave of color from the overhead lights was dancing over the crowd. A moody mist was creeping across the floor from fog machines around the edges.

?Well, I think it?s time to go and say hello to a certain young lady,? Cole said as he rose to his feet. ?I promised her some dances.?

Brett chuckled. ?Okay, say hello to Helen for me, too. What did she pick as her costume??

Cole chuckled. ?With her figure, Helen of Troy, of course.?

Cole had just reached the door when all the lights in the hall went off and the music died. After a moment, a set of faint blue lights illuminated the crowd.

?What the fuck!? Brett said as he scanned the computer screen.

Cole headed back to his seat. ?Did the software crash??

?Not that I can see... wait... something?s happening.?


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this is a great use of the title, and the 'ghost in the machine' is brilliant.

Admittedly great love requires fidelity, but five dates a year ... poor Nick.

This struck me as very filmic. I saw it rather than read it - if that makes any sense.

That it's really well written goes without saying - silly phrase - as I seem to have said it anyway.

Cheers, and thanks.


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When a story lets me really imagine it, see it, hear it, then I know it's a success. That "filmic" quality is rare. Some writers are particularly good at creating film-like works.

Good for Nick's roommate, Brett, for getting him out of the dorm and into a party. For some, at times, that's what it takes. -- It might not be the ideal solution for every loner, but for some, it's a good idea.

Hmm, but seeing your steady only five times a year? Bummer. High maintenance. :icon12: ...But for the right guy... might be worth it.

:coughs: I'm not above taking a little fiendish delight at how Peter was kept from causing trouble. O:-) >:-)

Great story, Graeme, I loved it.

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Thanks, everyone!

I often write with a scene visualised in my mind, so when I can induce the same in the reader, I'm very, very happy.

I struggled a bit for a title, but when I thought of Trick or Treat? I had to use it. To me, it's question of whether the games with the computer are a trick or a treat... and for whom?


Graeme :icon12:

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I thought the end of the story was really sweet (the adorable kind, not ?Dude, sweet!?), and you did a good job of hiding the twist at the end. I caught on right before I read it and was all, ?No way! That?s brilliant!? Then, of course, you said you already wrote a story like that and ruined my excitement.

Hackneyed or not, it was still a cool story.

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Just wanted to go on record as saying that this and Jack Scribe's Goblins are my two favorite of our Halloween festival stories. I'm not including Josh's Masquerade because it's not all online yet and also because it's more than a Halloween tale.

I like this a lot, very romantic, weird and sad, too. Great writing, Graeme! :evilgrin:

Kisses... :icon10:

TR :icon10:

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