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Research Trip

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Raccoon is going somewhere fun. Raccoon is terribly excited. Raccoon is going on a research trip to London (with stops along the way). Yay.

Raccoon will be absent from all on-line activites from 25 December through 3 January. In Raccoon's absence Dude will have the appropriate chapter to post.

There will be fruits from this labor and Raccoon gets a vacation at the same time to boot. Raccoon will spend an enormous amount of time book shopping at Forbidden Planet whilst he is there as well as at Foyle's. Raccoon will also be frequenting the Tube and environs in anticipation of future possibilities. Raccoon is devious.

Have an enjoyable day.

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We do have internet Cafes with yummy bins, you know. Though you'll probably have to wear clothes.

I am on holiday. If I have internet access I am not on holiday.

I heard he was doing a reaserch trip--to look for Diagon Alley.

Nope. Been there. It's a real place called " Leadenhall Market" but contains regular stuff.

I will be visiting several specific tube stops, a few museums, a specific part of a specific park. And, my favourite dining establishments in the city.

Look for an American with dark Cargo Pants (flat not baggy) and likely wearing a proper rugby shirt and a black leather jacket and/or jumper. That's me.

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