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Spam II


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Spam II

by Camy

My penis is too small I'm told

By those who must be psychic

For though they've never seen 'my friend'

They say he should be mighty

He's a paltry thing - below average size

Until you apply our special cream

Then vastly enriched in volume and power

His new size will make them all scream

Hmm ....

But who are you to impugn me so?

To insinuate 'my friend' should be bigger?

I've had no complaints - of that I'm damn sure

Let me trash your emails with vigour

Might I suggest your brains are small

Smaller than the average shrew

And if you send me any more spam

My next response will upset you too

For then I might suggest your mother

Lay with the milkman's flea bitten dog

And that your smile - cute you think it is

Is more like the maw of a raddled old hog

So please keep your spam away from me

Let's end this unfortunate farce

Or I'll track you down with printed missives

And shove them far, far up your arse

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Thank you all, muchly! :lol:

The amount of spam trying to sell me cream/pumps/pills/what-have-you has increased to an almost ludicrous degree over the last couple of months. A poem was the only sane way out. :icon_geek:

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:wink: Reminds me of the spam mail I got that said, "Touch her tonsils with your dick." :hehe: That one made me laugh outloud. I still haven't deleted it if you want a copy.
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