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He's done it again.


Another little jewel from a master jeweller.

Myers is a fascinating story set in theatreland. While it deals with self-discovery, that is only a sub-plot in a story that is absorbing and fascinating. And it is a happy, life-affirming story, so it gets all five gold stars from me.

Camy's writing just gets better and better. Hard to see how he can continue to improve when he's reached a standard this high. Soon we'll need a step-ladder just to kiss his feet....

Go read this story - it's strongly recommended!


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:blush: Umm ... :biggrin::blush: ... I'm not sure what to say, I'm really not ... except to point out that Bruin and I are not related, and he's not on any payroll .... Of course, he would be, if I had one - or if some bored Mount Olympian waved his thang, and gave me a vast lottery win! :wink:

Soon we'll need a step-ladder just to kiss his feet....

*coughs* I'd really, really avoid my feet if you have the chance. It's not that they're bad ... just that they're not my best feature. :sneaky:

Thanks, Bruin! Quite apart from being awfully embarrassed, I'm happy you enjoyed it, and grinning like a lune! :lipssealed:

Camy :bunny:

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Yes, I agree -- well-done. I think it's a terrific glimpse inside a world that I think very few people know about: behind the scenes at a British playhouse. I can't recall when I've seen it been done before, at least in gay fiction. Good job!

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