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News & Views - April 27, 2008, The Dood Abides

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News & Views - April 6, 2008, The Dood Abides

Hi Road Gang,

The Dude is still on the Left Coast of the United States, that is, he hasn't fallen off the edge, but in the past three weeks has been under "extreme stress?[with] less than 3 hours sleep a night". Thus this Coney Island update. His cats unanimously elected me to do this N&V, allowing their Daddy to take a much-needed nap.

His Doodness is 'apoplectic', no wait, that was 'apologetic' about the recent lateness of postings, no N&V, etc. He reports that his schedule "sucks" and his desktop computer and assorted magical apparatus haven't yet arrived from the outer rings of Saturn, making production of Title Pages and such quite impossible. He communicated to me while hunched over a laptop, tapping out messages in pidgin Morse. He'd have used the actual pigeons but they're always on coffee break and those clever message bottles of his were confiscated by DHS.

Finally, he insisted that I swear (on mum's grave - but she's living!) that AD will resume normal programming by next week?and, if I understood him correctly, your Story Editor is to be reupholstered. I think I'm pretty well-upholstered as it is, though.


On to the reading list!


(no, not 'pants', sheesh)

Altimexis has a new short story ... Class Election, don't miss it.

Other great new short fiction:

Clowns and Clovers, another charming tale from Rad Stevens

a gritty tale by Graeme called Street Life

a sexy, thoughtful coming out tale from our multitalented Camy, entitled Myers


the first two installations in a very small (flash) series by TR called Everlasting Hero

(you get a bun if you work out the ending - or the meaning - ahead of posting)

Chapter Updates:

Not Entirely Alone with Myself by WBMS - Chapter 18

Love in a Chair by Altimexis - Chapters 9-14

Family and Friends Series by - Ron Robbins -Alex Part 2, 3 and 4

One Moonlit Night by Steven Keiths - Chapter 21-23

Outside The Foul Lines by Rick Beck - Chapter 2

See you again next weekend and until then... write to your favorite authors and have a great week of reading. Remember that good stories read even better with good music, so listen to ADR for that perfect combination.

Any mistakes or omissions in this N&V are entirely the Rabbit's fault?but I won't take the rap for Miley Cyrus. That's all down to Disney.


:hug: Tragic Rabbit/TR, AD Story Editor

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the first two installations in a very small (flash) series by TR called Everlasting Hero

(you get a bun if you work out the ending - or the meaning - ahead of posting)

Umm ... a problem with this gets me a bun! W00T!

How can you work out the ending (or the meaning) ahead of it being posted? SO! On the available information *snickers* it must mean the hero is everlasting! Obvious!


Is that a sugared bun? :hehe:


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Is that a sugared bun? :stare:

It's my guess that this series is about a Hero in the original Greek sense - the offspring of a mortal and a god, thus a demi-god. And as the personification of heroism he is involved in every war in which valour can save the day, and gets killed heroically - and is then in the next war too.

Unlike Camy, I don't like my buns sugared. You might try spreading honey on them and then licking it off, though??

Bruin in naughty mood

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