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Why is John Barrowman gay?


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Interesting article, with some food for thought.

I've always been of the "multiple causes" theory, that it's both genetic and environmental. And I also think there are people who were born with a tendency to be gay, but -- for whatever reason -- their environment turned them straight. My best friend is that way, though he's probably about 30% gay, and had both gay and straight experiences as a teenager and as an adult, before he got married and had children.

I fully believe that in the right circumstances, and the right person, we could fall in love with and have sex with people of any sex. There are women I'm definitely attracted to, and I'll definitely notice if a drop-dead gorgeous girl walks by. But I still consider myself 90% gay. (Maybe a "5" on the Kinsey Scale.)

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I fully believe that in the right circumstances, and the right person, we could fall in love with and have sex with people of any sex.

I wholeheartedly agree and wish there were no penalties for those choices.

:bunny: TR

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For the next six days you can watch the whole programme (BBC1: The Making of Me) on John Barrowman's search for the answer, on the BBC iPlayer:

The Making of Me - John Barrowman It's one hour long.

I watched it last night and was fascinated. It's very good, and I would recommend it to everyone, gay or straight, bigoted or accepting. Barrowman himself suggests that straight people who don't like gay people should watch it...

I've never tried using the iPlayer from outside the UK. Don't know if it's possible to prevent people who are not BBC licence payers from using it....


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UGH. I hate stuff like this. Is he trying to be our poster boy?

What will people think of us all when the media finds Barrowman on a pub crawl?

IN 12 step programs, all of the members are ANONYMOUS. In fact it's in the traditions: "Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films."

This way if a self-promoting loser tries to be the posterboy for our fellowship, we can tell him where to get off. Nothing damages the credibility of an organization or people than someone becoming it's public face and then becoming George Michaels.

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I have always been of the school of thought that says, if it moves and grabs hold of me, I am in love. So far only cats and human males have managed to do that, thankfully.


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