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That Little Voice

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I was reading the posts on other's Flash Fiction and this thought came to my head

Have you ever had that little voice in your head talk to you? Oh, you know the one I mean. It?s that little shit that tells you that you can?t do anything, the one that plays on your fears. No, not plays on them...he is your fears. Here?s how it usually goes:

Me: ?So, what do I do now??

Voice: ?Just ignore him.?

Me: ?But he may like me.?

Voice: ?Yeah, right. You're no Adonis.?

Me: ?But he looked at me.?

Voice: ?Well, what do you have to offer him??

Me: ?Shit. Nothing.?

Voice: ?See what I mean??

Me: ?But he looked at me.?

Voice: ?He's probably looking at the blond starlet behind you.?

Me: ?Probably.?

Voice: ?He's straight.?

Me: ?Probably?

Voice: ?Need I say more??

Me: ?Fuck!?

I finished my whiskey

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Well done. (You shouldn't say that; you're gushing; maybe even pandering)

I have those conversations too, usually about nothing in particular. (Right, there you go, sucking up again. You're pretending to have something in common. Shut up, why don't you.)

Sorry. (Slave to convention...that's what's wrong with you. You can say anything you want; no need to apologize.)

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I think you all get the point of that short conversation. We all have doubts. We all have fears. And it's not only common, it's quite natural. That little voice does indeed help us. He (She) cautions us by making us aware of the pitfalls and consequances of our actions. The real question is actually how much we listen to that voice. It can be quite debilitating if we are its slave, its slave to inaction, or worse yet...proactively doing something that is NOT in our best interests. It forces us to THINK.

I presented it comically (I like to come across that way and let the reader interpret. Just read Rimbaud's blog and you'll know what I mean.), but that conversation's implications are enormous.

Richard Norway

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Talking, shouting, it's all good. I just wish mine would stop talking a different language.

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I think it is important to recognise and nurture your own inner voice.

Socrates had his own inner voice. Joan of Arc heard voices.

According to some references it seems that only 10% of humans hear voices. hmm.

There seems to be a fairly strong medical emphasis on the voices being hallucinatory and therefore a 'disease' to be treated. (Google Hearing voices)

It appears to me that someone forgot about the concept of conscience, but that could lead to a very long and arduous discussion, involving the cognitive process as the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning in forms of either language or image, or both.

I am reminded of a poem that goes something like:

As I was going up the stairs,

I met a man who wasn't there.

He wasn't there again today,

I wish to Hell he would go away.

It could be said that the object of Zen is to realise that, you and the voice are one.

You just have to make sure you have listened to the right voice. Is it your voice, or what someone else wants you to hear? And then of course is it right or wrong. It might be that it is only offering a thought, rather than giving you an order.

Remember it is not a legal defence to tell the judge, "But the voices told me to do it."

{Are you really going to post that?

Well I was, do you think I shouldn't?

It's up to you. don't blame me if you get flamed.}

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I think, Des, we were talking about a voice that disparaged us. One that rebuked and scolded and took away our self-esteem.

That's the one that shouts at me.

If yours shouts encouragement to you, could I borrow him for a spell?


You have to take me with the voice, we are a package deal. :hehe:

{Tell him you will be nice to him, extra nice.

I can't say that in a public forum.

Yes you can. If you don't I will.

Not unless I agree.

You're no fun. You know that don't you?

Quiet. Please! Just be quiet for two minutes.}

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I can't ever remember having a conversation like the one you describe. Mainly because the moment I hear that little voice start, I automatically do whatever he is advising against. I learned many years ago that self-doubt robs you of living life to the fullest and choose to live come what may.

Of course, I've done many stupid things over the years but I can say with all honesty, I've lived a great life.


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This discussion of hearing voices is interesting. I think there's two kinds (at least): the inner tapes that we all hear, that act as judge and jury for us, and then the 'other voices' that only a few hear.

Not every night, but many, when I'm just at that still point between sleep and waking, I hear a party: lots of voices, some laughing, some talking loud and some softly, and all pretty indistinguishable. It doesn't seem to mean much of anything, just kind of odd. If I raise my head off the pillow, it all shuts off, and I lay back down it starts again until I fall asleep. Kind of peculiar.



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