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Dearly Beloved

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*AHEM!* To get back on topic, I thought we might discuss Camy's newest schoolboy story, called "Dearly Beloved." Heard of it? Yes indeedy, it's a fine one. :lol:

First, it's been ages since I heard the endearment 'dearheart.' It brings back a wealth of warm memories for me, so thanks for that, Camy.

Camy is the master of understatement and spare language. I know, I know...we all like a lush, detailed style sometimes, but there is a certain beauty to lean, spare language as well. It often takes more skill to evoke the same emotions with simplicity than it does with rich, lengthy descriptions...I want to learn that skill and apply it in my own writing.

Over all, a lovely piece of writing. Thanks for the experience, Camy!



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