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by Camy

Ghastly vast intrusive machine

Oggles and stalks our friends,

Ordering and storing all our moves on

Gargantuan yottabyte server farms

Largely for fiscal and political power. It

Exigently needs switching off!

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Thanking you all, kindly. Especially Brook who seems to have joined to comment. W00T I say, and w00t some more.

Which reminds me: yottabyte is such an amazingly grungy dirty Science fiction-esque word, and onomatopoeic as well. I loves it! :hehe:


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W00T I say, and w00t some more.

... which reminds me - what does w00t mean??

Camy is fluent in yoof-speak but I am hardly past the tourist phrase-book stage. I've recently heard a suggested derivation - it means Want One Of Those!

If that's right, it's clearly only useable by those who use Microsoft operating systems. Mac devotees naturally have to say iW00t.


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... which reminds me - what does w00t mean??

Here you go, Bruin :hehe:


Function: interjection

1) An Expression of joy generally used by computer gamers and hackers.

2) An exclamation of victory or triumph over an obstacle such as winning a large prize at a LAN party.

3) A part of the 1337 language.

History: The current-day use of the word w00t stems from hackers in the early to mid 80's. While communicating with each other groups of hackers would need lingo which nobody else would be able to understand to express milestones in their hacking. One such milestone was gaining root access, but the term rooted or "gained root access" was easily understood so the term was changed to w00t to help disguise. Because of the difficulty of "rooting" many times the term w00t would be much in a celebratory tone. It later evolved to simply be a celebratory remark rather than a hacking milestone.

#1 LOL... I got him to redirect his ddos attack to, w00t!

#2 after winning the Radeon X1900 XTX, Billy said "I am teh 1337... w00t!!"

#3 well I keylogged and doom9'd his box and... yep, w00t!!!


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