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Connecticut School Bans (all) Physical Contact


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Connecticut School Bans Physical Contact

East Shore M.S. Outlaws "High-Fives," "Hugging" And Horseplay Of Any Kind; Violators May Face Expulsion

MILFORD, Conn. (CBS) ―

A Connecticut middle school principal has laid down the law: You put your hands on someone -- anyone -- in any way, you're going to pay.

A violent incident that put one student in the hospital has officials at the Milford school implementing a "no touching" policy, according to a letter written by the school's principal.

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Once again LAZY school administrators have resorted to a zero-tolerance policy rather than have to think for themselves and be forced to use common sense.

You got that right James! There is a tendency for authority to take the easy way out and not use any sense whatsoever in their administrative duties.

And when challenged on their actions, they usually say something along the lines of "We're doing the best we can,"

to which I want scream back at them the Richard Dreyfuss' line from Mr Holland's Opus, "Your best is not good enough!"


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I can never understand why public officials can't be reasonable and use common sense about these things...

#1, they didn't grow up in the long gone era of 'common sense', so they cannot practice that.

#2, what is reasonable when there are conflicting desires and beliefs (parents, societal, teachers, administrators)

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The one constant in all this is, with the recent trend toward lawsuits, schools, school officials, teachers and administrators are suddenly becoming aware that they have a responsibility to control the bullies at school, and things are changing as a result. They can no longer turn a blind eye to this problem; doing so will result in financial distress to the school systems and even themselves.

It's disappointing to read that not all schools have got the message. But they will, as parents for bullied kids realize the bonanza awaiting them.


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Bonanza? I don't think so. Psychotherapy costs a lot. Purely out of pocket costs.

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I hasten to point out that many of the teachers don't even recognize bullying when it is verbal or shunning, and are hard put to even recognize physical bullying. There is a serious problem all right, but it is starting in the homes of those bullies. Surprisingly often they will be bullied kids themselves, by their own parents. They then turn around and dish it out to those they can dish it out to, to feel like they have some control over their own lives.

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