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Search engine to rival Google


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A web tool hailed as a significant rival to search giant Google has gone live to the public.Wolfram Alpha is called a computation knowledge engine rather than a search engine and wants to change the way people use online data.

It aims to give people direct answers to queries rather than send them to other sites where they may find what they are seeking.

The system is the brainchild of British-born physicist Stephen Wolfram.



And, it knows the meaning of life! :w00t:

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The endings are easy, but not how to get there. That's why man was created, so he could find all the ways to get to the ending.

So far all the ways man has come up with have been jolly awful or somewhat destructive. However he has come up with a few interesting things to do while waiting for annihilation. :icon_cat:

I asked WoframAlpha if it was better than Google, but it couldn't understand the question. :w00t:

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I don't know about the googol or the googolplex, I do however know that my mind boggles at the thought of it all.

Anything over 7" is a big number to me.

One of my friends used to maintain that the only place he could understand math was in a Catholic church. :icon_cat::w00t:

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