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A General Strike Called!!!!

Do you feel this punishment was justified?  

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    • yes
    • no..absolutely not...the nerve of these facsists!!!

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This morning I recieved a 30 day restriction from posting on our schools intraschool network. I also recieved a 30 day suspension from organized sport activities (what's up with that? LOL).

I was accused of posting non school related material on the network....I'm taking this to the US Supreme Court!!!

Here is the post I made.

New Course

Gay male Sexuality and Safe Sex Practices

March, 02, 2005

School administration officials are happy to announce a new course, available to students on a voluntary enrollment plan.

Due to the nature of same sex schools such as ours, and in the interests of experimentation, school officials today have instituted a new learning experience course. This course has been designed by leading experts in the field and will be made available to any student who can demonstrate an accepted degree of pubertorial development.

Beginners classes will be held weekly as an integrated part of the homeroom experience and all instructors will be furnished an ample supply of Bananas, cucumbers and zucchini squash, to illustrate the various themes, by the school cafeteria.

Advanced classes will be held nightly in Evers Residence room 69. Classes will start 15 minutes following lights out. These advanced classes will be a hands on learning experience and will require student participation, so be prepared before you come.

Our school administrators are proud to be in the vanguard of this new and stimulating educational field. They feel this will be an arousing experience for all participants.

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I'm impressed on two fronts:

1.) the sheer audacity of the post. I can imagine the principal seeing it on the intraschool net and just about having a heart attack.

2.) for having rendered Gabe speechless.


aj :clap:

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OMG! :chuckles: I'm sure I'll find my "parental control voice" just as soon as I quit ROTFL. -- You realize your family unit may lecture you, though.

Setting all such issues aside, the younger me would like to say:

Si', cajones muy grandes.

I could've definitely used a course like that, if I'd been able to get myself in the imaginary door.

OK, as a younger me, I have some "investigative journalism" and "scientifically curious" questions for the "student advisor" for the course.

    [*]Um, how many students have already signed up?

    [*]I want to sign up. Where's my lab partner?

    [*]Where *is* Room 69, I can't seem to find it?

    [*]Has there been a recent increase in student consumption of bananas, cucumbers, and zucchini?

    [*]Does this mean the valedictorian will "mega cum loudly?"

    [*]This might be one sport I might actually be good at. Do I get a letter jacket?

    [*](Note to self: ask a few friends if they've heard of it, maybe I can find out if they're signed up!)

    [*](Note to self: somehow I think I'll enjoy sitting up close and class participation....)

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    LOL....not big balls...overconfidence and a lack of planning!!!

    I think I need to clarify things a little. I really thought I'd get away with it. All these computer people in the forum and not one ever said "by the way Codey, if you ever decide to do something stupid at school, remember that in a network they have ways of knowing what computer on the network a message was sent from." LOL

    I thought I was safe hidden behind a fake id and password (nevermind where I got them...your secret's safe...for now...but remember next time to explain what you meant by only using the computers in the library!!!)

    I would also like to say it was all Thirdeye's fault!! I got the idea after reading his Church Bulletins post.

    Yes Blue....that certain family unit member's reaction is what I'm sweating out now. Hopefully the week spent in NV will have him so mellowed (or tired) out that he'll take it easy on me...I'm not getting my hopes up too much tho. lol

    Hummmmmmm...I wonder if he'll buy the excuse about lingering effects of the flu? :-k

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