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what have you been doing you bum!

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Back around Halloween I was hit with some minor flooding. Anyone who has been hit by flooding can tell you it's never minor. It sucks. It's a major hassle. I have finally gotten things worked out.

One of my aims was to re work my office and after a solid two weeks of work (which is still ongoing) here are the results.

I've installed a U-shaped desk in one end of the room, added bookshelves and an entertainment center from this millennium. It's been fun but a lot of work.


This is the left side of the "U". It's cluttered as I am still getting things settled. That's my laptop which has been keeping things going.


This is the right side of the "U" with 2 gigs of data storage space, the network underneath and a whiteboard.


Bookshelves! It's great to have it all in a bookshelf and NOT on the floor. The :wav: is upset as he no longer has piles of books to knock over.


My TV and stereo. I like to listen to death metal when I write.


I've often heard people say why live somewhere where there are tornadoes/floods/hurricanes/earthquakes/tsunamis/stampeding water buffalo but the truth is that disaster can hit anywhere. You just have to decide to build it back better than it was before.

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Funny thing is, I just thought "Samurai sword scabbards, neat". Seems I don't just take words literally, but also images.

Anyway, you are right James, as disaster can strike anywhere and in multiple formats and much as we'd like to be able to prepare for them, you can't do that for them all, and indeed, some preparations for one type can actually be detrimental for another type. (Eg. wooden structures are more earthquake resistant but more susceptible to fire.

You've done a very nice job of fixing things up. :wav:

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I saw the swords, and my first thought was "Reta would love those"; Reta is my daughter, and when I called her over to look, she did. LOVE them, not look. ( I've begun to carry Cole around in my head, and he's always laughing...at me).

Anyway, this is about James, who likes Red, and has nicer curtains than anyone I know.

So nice of you, James, to give your chair a shirt.

And that tall, thin red thing on the desk? Can't quite decide it's a flashlite, but can't come up with anything else i'd admit to here.

And BTW, Safe and Happy Holiday Season to ALL.


p.s. did I say nice work? Thanks for putting it up, too.

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You need to watch what you say around me, too. "Reta is my daughter, and when I called her over to look, she did. LOVE them, not look." Sure she looked, and THEN she loved them. :lol:

I can barely get over James having 3 lockable 'treasure' chests.

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A Maglight; now there's a flashlight worth getting your hands around. :lol:

And Cole, you do keep me on my toes; and anything that makes me think before I open my mouth is not all together

a bad thing at all. Obviously, it's not perfect, but I take all the help I can get.


p.s. OK Trab, i'll have to give you that one... :cat:

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James, have you got the powerful LED in that maglite, or one of the original bulbs? If you haven't switched over, you should do so. The high power LED is terrific, and the focussing still works with it as well. Best move I've ever made, barring the buying of the maglite in the first place. Oh, and coming out, graduating, getting my first...I guess it wasn't really the BEST move I ever made, but close. :lol::cat:

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Argh! Where would I keep me booty without them?

Your locked up booty calls, James. I'm sure that's what we are hearing. :lol:

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