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Road to Arcadia


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I'll admit that I'm one of the beta-readers that dcorvus asked for sometime ago. Having said that, I still think it's an excellent story, and one that has been very well told.

Well done!


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Another gem unearthed by Rutabaga that I'm glad to be told about. (Maybe we should start calling you Rooterbaga.) Period fiction is really hard to construct, and even harder to convince the reader it rings true. I was quite willing to buy in to this one. Anyone know if dcorvus is still writing?

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Oops, sorry Dude. I should have checked your Pick list more carefully--I usually rely on it every month and I don't know how I missed that one.

Thanks for the link, R. I think that's him. Turns out he is male, has struggled with Gay Authors but I can't find anything of his there under that name. Apparently has been working on a long piece called "Ashes of Time."

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