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I discovered this story sort of by accident. I read it and found it delightful. The author suggests his (or I suppose her; how would one know?) age is 18. I cannot even imagine writing this well at that age. I'm not sure I do now.

Before Pecman jumps all over me, this story certainly isn't perfect. There are flaws that the picky among us might point out, but the pluses far outweigh the minuses, to me. I found it precocious, fun, attractive and very readable. I would be surprised--no, make that shocked--if others didn't agree.

Here's the link.



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It is just as you say, Cole. Delightful. :wav:

That's an accident with a story behind it; and depending on your mood, or maybe the story, you'll either tell it, or you won't.

Thanks for the link.


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No, no -- it's not that bad. I was a band geek myself, so I immediately commiserate anybody stuck in that social strata of high school. It's a good beginning; it just needs a lot more depth.

Now I see that this thread is from May 2010! Did the author ever add to this story?

Update: Ah, I get it -- weird formatting. I see the buttons now. I'll check out the rest of it when and if I get a chance.

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