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It was a Tuesday. The day he told me.

He'd spent weeks trying to find the right words, getting the courage together, making sure he really did feel what he thought he felt. That after nearly three years of sharing a flat, an internet connection, and sometimes a bed, he'd done it.

Without trying to, without knowing how, he'd fallen in love with me. After all this time, he was sure, he felt the same way about me as I felt about him. As I'd felt almost since we met.

I'd never made any secret of it - he was attractive, clever, easy to talk with. I liked him in so many different ways, even the way he got embarrassed when I blurted out my feelings for him.

And he needed a place to live and someone to share rent with. It seemed an obvious arrangement.

Yes, it was definitely a Tuesday. The day I'd been planning to say it.

I'd spent weeks trying to think of how to tell him, making sure I wasn't fooling myself. That after all the good times we'd had together, I just didn't feel the same way anymore. I didn't love him.

He was still my friend but...if he decided to move away tomorrow and set up with someone different, it wouldn't really bother me. If he decided he never wanted to see me again, well, it wouldn't be so bad.

So I didn't tell him. He said what he had to say, we hugged, laughed, and sat on the sofa, smiling awkwardly at each other, till we broke out in laughter again and hugged some more.

We've got a holiday booked - a honeymoon, he calls it. It looks good. Who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with him again.

It might have been a Wednesday.

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Wow, just great, Kapitano. Yet... yet... the questions came to my mind unbidden, where is more, when is more? Yet... yet... no more is needed, it is complete. The future is left to the reader's imagination. Beautifully crafted, perfectly worded. A very short tale to be thought about and savored.

Colin :blink:

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