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My Life (A Work in Progress)

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James (1962-1964)

We fell in love once a month, then spent the next 30 days wondering where it had gone.

David (1966-1967)

You dumped me because you wanted him and you believed in monogamy. Or was that just your excuse? Was he your excuse to leave me?

Hopscotch (1965-1970)

You played your headgames and we all played along, just because you were so beautiful. You never found a way to cope with not being beautiful anymore.

Nathan (1973-1976)

I liked you and I liked him. What I really liked was taking you away from him. But I didn't like myself for doing it.

Reg (1979-1982)

I honestly think we were in love. Until we started trying to behave like lovers.

"Sammy" (1985)

I wanted you because you were nothing like the one who'd hurt me. You wanted me because I reminded you of someone you couldn't have. It worked, so long as we didn't see each other.

Dave (1989-1992)

I always cared for you more when you weren't there. I was too foolish to realise you felt the same about me.

Paul (1996-1999)

I thought love was about being happy. You thought it was about being excited. So we made each other miserable and bored.

Joel (1999-2001, 2003-2004, 2006)

Was it you or me who walked out the first time? It was definitely you who walked out the final time. Or it might have been me. How many times did we get back together?

Nev (2009-2010)

You didn't need a substitute father and I didn't need a substitute son. If only we'd realised we needed a friend.

You (2011-)

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I just look at the common denominator in all those failed relationships; you obviously need a good woman in your life. :icon_geek:

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I just look at the common denominator in all those failed relationships; you obviously need a good woman in your life. :icon_geek:

My intent was to view life as a catalogue of mistakes that were easily avoidable...in retrospect. But that's one mistake I missed :-).

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An original way to tell a story, brilliantly done.

Thank you very much. Last minute additions often turn out to be the best ideas. Here, it's the dates which were the late touch.

As a certifiable old romantic, I always have a happy ending and this has one, but it's not stated very clearly. I take it you and YOU are a couple and the relationship is ongoing?

Exactly. You never know whether the current relationship will be the final one, the one to not fail. But you have to treat it like it might...or it definitely won't.

As you've probably noticed from my other stories, I'm a certifiable cynic. Which is to say, I'm rarely disappointed, and occasionally surprised. All a cynic's surprises are pleasant ones.

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