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Bridge by Bruin Fisher is one of November's Dude's Picks, and a great choice - Go Dude!

I read this when Bruin first wrote it, back in 2009, but luckily I had almost forgotten the plot. The story starts off bleakly (I won't say why) and ended up with this reader grinning and clapping and cheering!

Bridge is a wonderfully uplifting tale that will make you want to read lots more of Bruin's fiction. :spank:

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Bruin has a knack for making you feel as though you are sitting before a cosy fire listening to a dear friend explain why you haven't seen much of him lately, and as his tale unfolds you hang on his every word, realizing as you do that here is a master storyteller as well as a thoroughly decent human being.

A most wonderful experience for any reader.


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