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Is this protected speech....?

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We've all heard the arguements about the American Constitution, the ones about free speech and religious protections. But at what point do they conflict? I think the following case should be viewed as a direct physical threat to the lives of LGBTQ people. Either that or this man needs to be put away in jail.

My question to you: should this man be ignored?


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That is how he gets away with saying just about anything... blame it on God, the Government, anybody but himself.

I do not think this guy has checked in on Israel in 2000 years. I believe they have a quite advanced LBGT community, and service in their military... which is madatory, is very open to gay service members.

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Breaking News: Hillbilly Interprets The Bible Literally, Sounds Ignorant And Out-Of-Touch

I'm shocked!

No, wait, not "shocked"...what's the word? Completely and utterly unsurprised.

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