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G&S fans, and college freshmen

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Very enjoyable, Cole. Thanks for posting that.

He's quite good but needs better microphone positioning.

He didn't sing the repeats, and that was a good choice, I think, as he didn't have a choir to back them.

His speed is worthy of any G&S singer and he has a delightful cheekiness.

For those who are unfamiliar with the original Major General song here is a quick snippet from the Aussie Opera's production with a pirate obviously influenced by Johhny Depp, to the side.

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This is delightful! I love it!

There is a running joke in an episode of The West Wing revolving around this song and whether it's from Penzance or Pinafore. At one point, the President's Assistant Communications Director Sam Seaborn is debating with Chief White House Counsel Lionel Tribbey (Rob Lowe and John Larraquette) and finally asks, "Well, we're you the recording secretary of the Princeton University Gilbert and Sullivan Society?" to which Tribbey replies, "No. I wasn't a girl."

At the end of the episode, the major cast members are welcoming a new staffer to the White House by singing He is an Englishman, which she had quoted earlier, thus starting the "conflict."

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This ditty (as my grandma would call it) reminds me of Tom Lehrer. For my 13th birthday my granddad gve me a copy of a three CD collection titled The Remains of Tom Lehrer, complete with all lyrics. I'd never heard of Tom Lehrer, but I listened to those 'ditties' over and over and over. My favorites?

, and
. Most of his songs are set to the tunes of G&S.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Thanks, Colin, that takes me back. I've still got somewhere all his original recordings, pretty much all worn out from incessant replay, and I second your list of particular favorites. The links are especially appreciated.

It reminds me, as well, of Tom Lehrer's confreres on the other side of the pond, Michael Flanders and David Swann. Having once heard it, who can ever forget The Hippopotamus Song? Or Have Some Madeira, M'Dear or the Gnu Song?

Ah, glorious mud!

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